About Us

It's all in the name


The name “Il-Logga” is a literal translation from the Maltese language which means “The Arch”. The name was derived from the fact that the building comprises a 400 year old structure that was built using arches to support the roof, as this was the technique adopted by Maltese builders of a bygone era from the time Malta was occupied by the Romans.


During the first world war, Il-Logga used to serve as a wine bar where many a man would humbly walk down from rural Xaghra, gather round a table, and play some cards or traditional “Bocci” whilst of course, sipping on some delicious homemade wine. These kinds of stories are today considered a part of our folklorist heritage.

After the building came into the hands of the Bigeni family´s young siblings – Joseph and Christof, it has been passionately converted into a fully equipped dining area offering Mediterranean cuisine in a professional yet friendly manner.

Chef Christof has a vast array of culinary experience from having worked in a number of fine dining establishments throughout Gozo. His passion for food is also mirrored in his brother, Joseph, who takes care of the front of the house and makes sure patrons have a fantastic dining experience. The Menu is based on seasonal products in order to always be able to offer the freshest of dishes. The restaurant´s concept is to truly believe in combining unique, savory, mouthwatering dishes with a lush atmosphere and a refined service.

An extension has been recently added based on the traditional houses of the Maltese islands and the top stories of the premises have been converted into a luxury boutique hotel for those who wish to escape the commotion of everyday life and just unwind without a care in the world. If you are interested in staying at our boutique hotel, kindly visit our sister site here.